Consult, collaborate, and envision.

The web map designed for land parcel research, utilization planning, feasibility analysis, and entitlement processing.

Introducing Parcel Viewer Pro

Parcel Pro is full-featured, with professional user functionality.

  Affordable. Subscription by county.

  No up-charges applied for use or downloading of any data.

  Users have full control of the data resources without interruption of workflow.

  Subscription service model – NO costly licenses. Just a browser.

  Multiple user seats available for groups or enterprises.

Parcel Pro highlights
Collaborate with ease

The popular Collaborate tool includes Live Share, Generate PDF and Export PNG outputs. Each display the map view and property data as compiled by the Pro user. Single or multiple parcels may be outlined and displayed. The recipient of a Live Share link is dropped into Parcel Pro seeing the view you compiled, and they get full Pro functionality for two hours, courtesy of you!

Essential property data

Fields accessible for each parcel include owner of record, mailing address, assessor parcel number, situs address, and assessed values. Also included, as available, are parcel size, zoning, use code, use description, LCA enrollment, the effective date of the mailing address, and other select data unique to the county.

Effortless metrics

Determine Position, Distance, and Area. Click on a feature anywhere in the map, such as parcel corners, to see position in latitude and longitude coordinates. Measure distances in individual or multiple segments, and measure the areas of polygons of any shape that you create or trace.

Superb map base choices

Choose from Google Imagery, OpenStreetMap, and Terrain base (backdrop) options for the parcel line fabric overlay. Google is consistently the freshest and highest resolution base imagery available online. Its information value as to land surface conditions, state of use, and vehicle access is phenomenal. OpenStreetMap provides a simple backdrop emphasizing public road access. Terrain depicts topography through shaded relief and contour lines. Google Street View can be accessed in any base using our drop-in tool.

Powerful selection and query

See property data for a parcel anytime by clicking inside its perimeter. Select multiple parcels visually using Box or Lasso tools to surround and intersect parcels of interest. Query identifies parcels that meet criteria set by the user and applied to property data fields. Dropdown prompts streamline the process. Records for the parcels selected via Advanced Select or Query can be downloaded directly in the form of a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

One-stop search

Search the entire county assessor database by owner name, street (situs) address or parcel number (APN) – all through one window. Select your target parcel from the dropdown list of Parcel Pro guesses, and it zooms to that parcel automatically. Very simple!

Single day



One time use and try out.

Get all Pro functionalities including Live Share.

Full support.

All county parcels and attached record data accessible.

Access ends 9:00 am on the second business day following signup.




Individual or enterprise.

Get all Pro functionalities including Live Share.

Full support.

All county parcels and attached record data accessible.

Monthly recurring payment.

Cancel anytime.

Want to become an Early Adopter? Get a deep discount and TWO seats for as long as you maintain the subscription! Use the Pro coupon code PVPRO at checkout to lock in $30/month for one county. If you wish additional counties at $20/month each, contact us to arrange: or
(530) 402-4783.

Please note: If you subscribe during the ENPLAN business day, you will receive your Parcel Pro access confirmation and login credentials via email shortly. Otherwise, you will receive them the next ENPLAN business day.

Be sure to use the most current version of your preferred web browser for the best performance. We recommend Google Chrome. Go to to determine if your browser is current.

If you have any questions, contact us at or call (530) 402-4783 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pacific.

Is your county missing? Let us know please.

Not that you will need it much, but full support is available via phone, email, and Skype, or by coming through our front door. Talk with a real person anytime during the business day. Tell us your particular use and we will give you tips to get the most out of PV for your purposes.

All advances in Pro functionality made by our development team are incorporated as they are completed. No action is needed on your part. No interruption will occur. And expect no up-charges or additional fees, just continued operation.

Any functionality or dataset addition ideas you wish to share will go directly into the user enablement queue for consideration by our team; and we will report back to you as to incorporation. Please grow with us!

Always use a current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer or Edge for best performance. Go to to determine if your browser is current, and update it if necessary.