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Everything you have come to rely on in PV will be there, and more.
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Parcel Viewer Pro
Grow with us. The functionalities of Pro are outlined in the matrix to the right. All advances and refinements undertaken by our development team are incorporated progressively into PV Pro as they are completed. Two subscription options will be available: $10 single day (until midnight next day) and $60 monthly recurring.

Subscribing to PV Pro
Early adopters will be given the opportunity to subscribe at a special rate of $30/month per county by using coupon code to be provided and used at checkout. As an early adopter, this discount rate will apply as long as the subscription is maintained. You may cancel anytime. Two seats come with an account, meaning two users may be logged in under one account at the same time. No special up-charges are applied for processing, use, or downloading of any data. You will have full control of the data resources you need without interruption to your workflow.

PV Pro Functionalities
Search by Parcel Select Advanced Select
Situs Address Single (Click) Point
APN Multiple Parcels Box
Owner Base Layers Lasso
Data Accessible Google Imagery Query
Situs Address Open Street Map Accessible Data
APN Terrain Metrics
Owner Google Street View Position
Mailing Address Drop-in Direct Distance
Assessed Values Collaborate Area
Parcel Size Live Share Link Download/Export
Other Fields Snapshot CSV File

Not that you'll need it much, but full support is available via phone, email, chat, and Skype, or by coming through our front door. Always use current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Edge for best performance. Go to https://whatbrowser.org/ to determine if your browser is current, and update it if necessary. If you have questions, contact us by emailing wmsgroup@enplan.com or calling (530) 402-4783.

The original Parcel Viewer will be retired when the new Parcel Viewer Pro becomes available. Data in the original PV has become seriously out of date and we no longer support the platform.