Managing a PARCEL VIEWER account

Four action tabs give you nice control:

Subscribe. Easily add county maps and seats to your subscription. Choose from ongoing Monthly, ongoing Annual or Day Pass plans, all in one place. Also, add collaborator seats to your subscription which allow you to share access to your map(s) with associates, clients and so on. Seats are shared, and each seat allows access for one user at one time. So, simply add seats as necessary to support the level of simultaneous access that may be needed by your collaborators.

My Maps. The access hub for you and your collaborators. See and go to all of your subscribed maps. Collaborators see all maps shared to them and can go to those maps from this page. Collaborators only see maps shared to them.

Collaborate. Extend access to others. Credential as many collaborators as you wish to have access to your map(s). Do this easily by sending invitations via email. Extending access by way of seats and credentialing collaborators is also an excellent enterprise solution. If you no longer wish a collaborator to have assess, credentials may be quickly withdrawn. At least one seat is required in order to share or invite.

My Account. Update your profile, payment information, and manage active recurring subscriptions.