Custom web map solution to meet your needs.

Your own data with functionality and tools created for you.


Do you or your organization need special data incorporated in your Parcel Viewer map? Our team can make a Custom Map instance for you based on Parcel Viewer and add the data needed. All Parcel Viewer functionalities and data remain intact, including automated feeds such as weekly property data refreshment. Custom Maps are completely secure and can be made fully accessible by others at your discretion with the addition of Collaborator Seats.  Data added can be proprietary as well as from other sources, private or public.

A Custom Map enables viewing your data in spatial relation to other map data layers. For example, view your data layers in relation to land ownership, government jurisdiction, FEMA flood zones, liquefaction zones, topography, and so on. Information can be attached to your features and viewed by simply clicking to open the data panel. Or select your features in multiples and download attached data into spreadsheets or tables. Make mailing labels for property owners you wish to contact. Annotate your map feature layers and share live via Live Share. Functionalities and your data will also be accessible in the field via tablet or phone using the MapPort app.

The possibilities with custom maps are many and best understood by speaking with a MapPort team member about your objectives. “Spin-up” of custom maps can be very fast. or (530) 402-4783

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