Showing parcel details is crucial in lands sales


I am motivated to write the following testimonial because, while I rarely take the time to do so, once again your agent, Nicola as have others there at your company, surprised me with the outstanding customer support and gratitude for my continued subscription.

Unfortunately, it seems these days customer support departments are either vastly understaffed or poorly trained and it comes across clearly, it is way too common. In contrast, Parcel Viewer support people have excelled in this regard, and it is refreshing and appreciated.

Besides the customer service which is outstanding, the product itself has been one of the best realtor products I have ever purchased. I subscribe to one county and having land listings has made it so beneficial that of 16 land listings I was blessed to be the Listing Agent on, we have sold all but 2 of them as of this letter. To be clear, the ability to download maps showing boundaries, the ability to zoom in and show details to potential clients has made a difference like I cannot begin to articulate. Thank you, ENPLAN WMS Group and Parcel Viewer, for all these closings which without your product we would not have been able to promote and clearly show what the parcel particulars were.

We were able to place your maps as part of our pictures on the listings and able to sit with clients and have them see details for when they visited the land on their own, they had already a good grasp of the boundaries based on topography, neighbors, rocks, shrubs much detail which enabled clients and us to “know the land” before we visited.

Again, a most sincere and grateful thank you!

p.s. if you are even thinking about this product, just subscribe, learn it and prosper! (yes, I’m an actual client)

Oscar A. Lopez

Century 21 Preferred

Murrieta, Ca.