What is the Day Pass about?

The Day Pass is great for people who need to just look up the name of the owner of a parcel or other data about a parcel or several parcels, and that is it. For this type of user, ongoing access to PARCEL VIEWER is not necessary.

Users should also take note that The Day Pass provides full PARCEL VIEWER functionality, which means, for example, that Live Share can be used to communicate the results of your investigation of property owner and other property data to an associate. With Live Share, the recipient gets the map view that you create (including the outline of a parcel and a side panel of related data), along with full PARCEL VIEWER functionality for two hours, plenty of time to get on the same page as you and investigate a bit themselves. This is all courtesy of you, the Day Pass holder. They can in turn do the same for others who may be important to bring into the loop. Live Share, along with printing, and downloading PNGs and PDFs, make the Day Pass an effective way to collaborate quickly on a single property matter.